Our Locations

There's a Sea Tow boat near you!

Sea Tow is standing by to assist you along the coast and on lakes throughout the country. Our boats are always positioned to best service our members. On our Services Locator you will find the home ports of our distinctive yellow tow boats, but we don't spend the majority of our time at the dock. Most of the time you can find us out on the water patrolling the waters where you boat. Our boats can often be found stationed at the main inlets and harbors so we are ready to service you quickly. So, don't worry if there isn't a Sea Tow boat in your marina – we've got you covered!

Understanding Home Service areas

We are organized differently than other on-water assistance networks out there. We are a franchise-based organization where each Sea Tow franchisee is the independent owner of a large geographic area of responsibility (AOR). When you join Sea Tow, you are generally assigned to a specific franchisee's AOR. The AOR serviced by that franchise is your Home Area. Each franchisee may employ multiple captains and have multiple tow boats operating out of multiple ports within that AOR. If you would like to know specific boundaries of your home area just contact your assigned local franchise or call us at 800-4-SEATOW (473-2869).