Membership Types

Trailer Care™ Roadside Assistance

Whether you are heading to the lake for a day trip or to the coast for a weekend excursion, with a Trailer Care™ membership you will never have to worry about being stranded while en route.

Choose between two membership options:

Trailer Care Marine Only $14 for active Sea Tow members

Provides service for all marine trailers you own and the towing vehicle. If you only use boat and/or personal watercraft trailers this is the option for you.

Trailer Care Universal Only $29.95 for active Sea Tow members

Provides service for all of your marine trailers as well as any other non-commercial trailers you own. If you have both boat and other trailers such as snow mobile, motorcycle or utility trailers, this is the option for you.

Regardless of which option you choose:

Both membership types provide roadside assistance services for the trailer and towing vehicle when the trailer or towing vehicle becomes disabled on the road while actively hauling the trailer. Services are covered up to $300 per incident and do not cover the cost of parts or fuel. Service is Sign-and-Drive when available. All other member requests will be reimbursed up to the coverage limits.

*Mobile homes and vehicles and trailers used for commercial purposes are not covered

For complete details on services see the Trailer Care Membership Agreement


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    • Trailer Care FAQs
      • Who provides the Trailer Care roadside assistance services?

        Since we specialize in on-water assistance, Sea Tow utilizes a third-party provider for roadside assistance. When you call us for help you will be transferred to the Trailer Care dispatch center who will locate the best provider for you. However, our Sea Tow representative will monitor your situation to ensure that service is provided in a timely and appropriate manner.

        Can I add Trailer Care to my existing Sea Tow membership?

        Absolutely, just give us a call at 800-4SEATOW (473-2869).

        What is the difference between Trailer Care Marine vs. Trailer Care Universal?

        Essentially, Trailer Care Marine provides services for any marine trailers you have (eg. boat, PWC). Trailer Care Universal not only provides service for your marine trailers, but for any other non-commercial trailers you own, except RVs (eg. utility, snow mobile).

        How quickly can I expect Trailer Care to respond my request for help?

        Response time varies with each situation, but we do everything we can to get to you quickly. Factors that affect response time include call volume, the location of your breakdown, weather and traffic conditions.

        Will there be any out-of-pocket expenses in the event I need assistance?

        Services are covered up to $300 per incident and do not cover the cost of parts, tires or fuel.

        Sign-and-drive service is available in some areas. In cases where it is not available, you will need to submit an itemized bill for all services received. It must be postmarked within 60 days of the incident. All receipts will be reviewed and reimbursement issued promptly for covered services up to the $300 limit. Reimbursement requests can be submitted to the attention of Trailer Care and can be made via mail, email or fax 631-765-5801.

        Can I find roadside assistance on my own?

        Yes. You can choose to locate and employ your own service provider. The service provider must be licensed and insured. In this case, the above mentioned reimbursement procedures applies.


To add Trailer Care to your existing Sea Tow membership just call us at 800-4-SEATOW (473-2869).

Not a member yet? Just add your preferred Trailer Care membership type when you join.