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Make the Claims Process Smooth

The period following a loss can be difficult. Sea Insure is with you every step of the way to make the claims process smooth, hassle-free, and ultimately get you back on the water as soon as possible. Here are a few simple steps to get the process started.

Option 1: If you are a New Hampshire Insurance Company policy holder, please call 888-760-9195 or email

Option 2: If you are a Markel Marine policy holder, please call 800-362-7535 or email

Always Remember To

  • Take pictures of the damage.
  • Note where loss occurred.
  • Note where your watercraft will be (marina, repair facility, etc.) with address and contact phone number.
  • Notify the authorities in the event of theft, vandalism, collision, or bodily injury.
  • Permit survey of vessel prior to repair. Do not begin repair work until after you have reported the claim and a surveyor has been out to inspect the damage.
  • If another boat is involved in the accident, get the claimants name, address, phone number, and boat description.
  • Assume no obligation, admit no liability or incur any expense for which we are or may become liable without our permission except expenses incurred to protect the property from further loss.

Need Boat Insurance?

Sea Insure was designed specifically for Sea Tow members and offers preferred member rates. With a Sea Insure policy you can rest assured you have proper coverage.

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