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Sea Tow Key Biscayne

Serving Biscayne Bay from Government Cut to the Card Sound Bridge

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Capt. Eduardo Barreto
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You may rest assured that your vessel will be in good hands due to the trained and committed captains we have on staff. Our commitment to safety and customer satisfaction has helped make us the leading and most respected marine assistance provider in the world. Our captains are standing by 24/7 to assist our members both on and off the water. Give us a call any time, we can help or just say hello!

Our Team


Master Captain Eduardo 

Master Captain Ed was born and raised in Puerto Rico and has been very passionate about the water and everything related to boats since he was a teenager.  He has over 20 years of experience navigating the waters of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Bahamas and, West & East Coast of Florida. 

Capt. Ed is not only a proven business leader in the corporate world, but a connoisseur of the marine industry with extensive experience enjoying and repairing boats, as well. In 2018, he decided to put his business and boating experience together to finally conquer his dream job – owning a Sea Tow franchise, where he is able to help people enjoy their time in the water.  Bi-lingual (English and Spanish).   

Captain Alex

Captain Alex has always been passionate about the ocean. A native from Venezuela, he has been on the water from an early age; whether it was going on fishing and diving trips with his family or cruising Biscayne Bay in his sailboat. He started towing boats in 2014 when he received his license. Bringing a high level of energy and strong work ethic, Captain Alex is committed to doing the job right and taking care of his members.

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Captain Charlie

Captain Charlie was born and raised in Miami and has been on the water from the age of 6.  He had his Captain’s license by the time he was 18 and has been helping Sea Tow members ever since.  His passions involve fishing and diving and he can be found on the water almost every day whether helping members, racing to assist a mayday or cruising with friends and fishing in tournaments. 

Captain Brian

Captain Brian was born in Switzerland and discovered sailing on lake Zurich.  One summer on the water was all it took and he was off to the Canary Islands.  It was there that he got his Captain’s license, became a sailing instructor, and then has been sailing around the world ever since with his first of three Atlantic crossings in 1986.  A student and lover of life, Captain Brian speaks 5 languages and lives to be on the water and around fellow boaters.  Here in South Florida, he has been helping Sea Tow Members since 2012 and is always looking to help and share his experience.

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Captain Pete

Captain Pete is a Miami native and started boating before he could walk.  He enjoys everything on the water from fishing to diving, sandbar days, towing, and his career as a Sea Tow Captain.  He has been towing boats for two years now and still gets excited every day when a call comes in and he sets off to help a member.

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Our Boats

Sea Tow Intrepid - 26’ Boston Whaler Justice

A classic Boston Whaler workhorse with twin Suzuki Engines. The deep-V hull and center-console design make the Justice ideal for offshore patrol and pursuit, cutting easily through heavy chop. Whether navigating high-traffic areas or plowing through big waves, the Justice shines in less-than-ideal conditions.

Sea Tow The Duck - 26’ ACB (Aluminum Chambered Boats) Rigid Inflatable

Former United States Marine Corps purpose-built boat Security Patrol Boat.  This 26-foot center console model, featuring air-filled sponsons, is a highly maneuverable 55 mile-per-hour-plus pursuit craft, powered by twin 200-horsepowered V-6 outboard engines and is made to handle rough seas where its extruded aluminum framing provides the safety, endurance, and high performance critical to the boats’ reliability and rapid response.

She is fast and nimble and at home towing a 100’ boat or launching divers on a recovery.  This boat is truly a monster and ready for anything the sea can throw at her.

Sea Tow Big Bird - 26’ ACB (Aluminum Chambered Boats) Rigid Inflatable

This is the sister ship to our other ACB but was originally built for the Navy and used for Dive Support as well as Security Patrols.  It is also rigged with Twin 200hp H.O. engines and ready to tackle any job big or small. 

“ACB’s patented aluminum chambered design is purpose built for government, and commercial markets.   In rugged seas testing, aluminum chambered boats consistently demonstrate significant fuel savings, reduced maintenance, safe performance, and high-speed response in demanding situations. Remarkably, aluminum extruded ACB boats exhibit life cycles three to four times longer than conventional fiberglass boats.”

Sea Tow The Bus - 26’ Peterson Builders Port Security Boat

Former Navy Port Security boat.  All aluminum with cabin and twin Suzuki engines.  A truly indestructible work truck of a boat. 

This Peterson Aluminum Port Security Patrol Craft was designed and built for the most discerning mariners in the world: the United States Navy.  It is rugged, reliable, and it’s design proven in service with the United States Navy.  Totally overbuilt and capable of withstanding around-the-clock use and abuse, this highly adaptable platform may be configured to suit virtually any mission profile but excels in its current role of search and rescue, salvage support, and environmental response vessel. 


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Sea Tow Captains work hard to do more than save you on the water - they work hard to save you money as well!