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Sea Tow Ocean Isle

Serving our members in Southport, Ocean Isle, Holden Beach and Sunset Beach

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Capt. Clay & Heather Hughes
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You may rest assured that your vessel will be in good hands due to the trained and committed captains we have on staff. Our commitment to safety and customer satisfaction has helped make us the leading and most respected marine assistance provider in the world. Our captains are standing by 24/7 to assist our members both on and off the water. Give us a call any time, we can help or just say hello!

Our Team

Sea Tow Ocean Isle is happy to have a dedicated team to assist boaters in the Big Bend region. All of our Captains are USCG licensed and standing by if you ever need expert, local knowledge of the area.

  • Clay Hughes, owner & Captain
  • Heather Hughes, owner & marketing
  • Stan Gurganus, Sr. Captain
  • Brad Stevens, Sr. Captain
  • Larry Coble, Sr. Captain
  • John Gregory, Captain
  • Kendrick Schwarz, Captain
  • Matthew Benna, Captain
  • Jewel Pearson, Dispatcher

Our Boats

Sea Tow Ocean Isle has a dedicated team of captains, crew and support staff that are standing by, 24/7, to serve our members and other boaters. Our vessels are ready to perform all towing, ungrounding, jump starts, fuel delivery and other on-water assistance operations. Sea Tow boats can be spotted by their distinct yellow hulls 

  • 29' Zodiac RHIB - Twin Engine - 500 HP, Fiberglass hull
  • 26' Twin Vee - Twin Engine - 300 HP, Fiberglass Hull
  • 25' C Hawk - Twin Engine - 300 HP, Fiberglass Hull
  • 21' Triumph - 175 HP, Ropelene Hull
  • 25' Safeboat, Twin Engine - 500 HP, Aluminum Hull
  • 24' Mako Twin Engine - 300 HP, Fiberglass Hull

Local Deals

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Sea Tow Captains work hard to do more than save you on the water - they work hard to save you money as well!


News & Events

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A Reminder That Could Save Your Life


Every year on April 4 (4/06) a worldwide campaign promoted by ACR Electronics, Inc. called 406 Day raises awareness about safety devices called Personal Locator Beacons (PLB) and Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB). These use a 406 MHz frequency to connect to a constellation of National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) satellites that can alert a ground station that a vessel or individual is in distress and requires immediate assistance while continually updating the user’s position.  

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Boat Lifts for the Lakes

No matter what size lake you’re on, you might want to get your boat up and out of the water to protect your investment. Lifting a boat from the water when it’s not being used prevents algae and other harmful lake crud from being deposited on a boat’s hull and engine’s running gear. This foreign-substance-ring that forms at the waterline and mossy growth on the hull can be tough to remove, especially if it isn’t cleaned immediately sometimes forcing the use of harsh chemicals. Lastly, lifts prevent your boat from bashing into the dock. You may also want to get your lift covered which keeps the rain and sun off the boat. A lift also eliminates the need to own a trailer for storage. But there’s plenty to consider before purchasing.   Read More »