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Sea Tow Portland / Midcoast

Serving Southern and Midcoast Maine

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My Local Sea Tow Captain

Capts. Bruce White & Matt Wilder
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I just met Capt. Chris and what a positive interaction it was. I was out kayaking when the fog suddenly thickened up on my way home. Capt. Chris spotted me and asked if I needed help. I politely said I’d be OK, but he kept an eye on me anyway – and eventually helped me out once I got turned around. He was extremely kind and professional, and he’s clearly a wonderful representative for your company… thanks for putting good people out on the water. - 

Our Team

Matt Wilder - Owner/Captain

Bruce White - Owner/Captain

Paul Campbell - Captain and Sales
Paul joined Sea Tow Portland-Midcoast in 2009 after working for Sea Tow in the U.S. Virgin Islands. He has had a great deal of towing and assistance experience. He is very good with a boat, and very good with our members boats. He is an avid sailor, and has taken his boat to and from the Virgin Islands. You are in good hands if Captain Paul is on your job.

Bill Tracey- Captain
Bill, a retired commercial pilot, and Peaks Island resident, he may be found assisting a boat, or running our water taxi. Don't hold his southern drawl against him, he is a go getter, and a very able boat handler.

Christopher Davis- Captain
Chris comes to us from the United Stated Coast Guard, his duties ranged from towing and small boat handling, to running search and rescue missions. He teaches us a thing or two now and again. Chris is a great trouble shooter, through, and is very comfortable in the wheel house. We are lucky to have him.

Our Boats

Sea Tow Alert - 26' Robalo

Alert came from Sea Tow Charlotte Harbor in Florida in 2007. Alert is a big, powerful boat capable of speeds in excess of 40kts. With a deep vee hull, Alert is a smooth ride in the worst of conditions. Since coming to Maine, Alert has had new engines and electronics installed, and the pilothouse was rebuilt in aluminum by Sea Tow. Alert is the "swing-boat" and has no assigned patrol area; rather, it is assigned where needed, depending on boating activity. Alert can be redeployed quickly if necessary, and has made the transit between Portland and Boothbay Harbor in under an hour.

Sea Tow Ambar - 26' Silver Ships Ambar

Sea Tow Ambar, our newest addition,  is a retired Coast Guard boat designed for fast response, she is primarily located in the Boothbay Harbor area, and can be in Bath Maine in under 30 minutes.

With her enclosed canvas wheel house, and capable sea handling abilities,  she is our early spring and late fall favorite, powered by two Honda outboards, she boasts 270 Horsepower, and a 30 knot response speed.

She is an able offshore boat, yet is very handy in and around the boatyards. She has towed vessels in excess of 70 feet handily.

Sea Tow Parker - 25' Parker

This is the workhorse of Sea Tow Portland/Midcoast. Parker has been a reliable do-all asset for over 10 years. The large beam and expansive aft deck make this a stable platform for salvage and diving operations. Drawing only 15", Parker can navigate shallow waters easily. The full cabin makes Parker comfortable in all weather, with cabin heat installed for winter months. Parker regularly patrols Casco and Saco Bays.

Sea Tow Scooter - 24' SafeBoats

Originally built for the U.S. Coast Guard, Scooter has been a Sea Tow boat since 2000. The pilot-console was designed and installed by Sea Tow Portland in 2006, and with full canvas enclosure, this is an all-weather boat. This is not an inflatable in the traditional sense, as the sponsons are foam-filled. This design gives the fendering effect of an inflatable, with the durability of a hard-sided boat. Scooter regularly patrols in the Boothbay Harbor region.

The Water Taxi - 28' T. Jason 28

"The Water Taxi" is just that. Based in Portland Harbor, this boat provides transportation to and from the many islands in Casco Bay. In addition, "The Water Taxi" is a fully equipped Sea Tow Boat and salvage platform.

Sea Tow Triumph- 21' Triumph

Sea Tow Triumph, primarily based in Portland, is a great shallow water boat, she has a new in 2017 200 Horsepower four stroke engine, and will make good time over the water. She can be found patrolling around Casco Bay, Saco Bay, and the areas in between.

She is nimble and quick in and around the docks and marinas in Portland.

She may be found on a trailer headed to a remote location, and she trailers well.

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Sea Tow Captains work hard to do more than save you on the water - they work hard to save you money as well!